mzBigTrade Indicator for NinjaTrader 8

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  • Tape Reconstruction
  • Filtering by: Trade size (min/max), Iceberg order size, DOM pressure (min/max), DOM support (min/max) with ANY/ALL combination
  • Auto-filtered order flow
  • Extra filters: Aggressive trades (initiative/stop runs) and Smart/Predatory trades
  • Two algorithms for Iceberg orders searching: Hard and Soft
  • Liquidity pushing/pulling indication
  • Market-Limit orders search
  • Variety of trades visualization: Stacked Tape, Bubble, Box, Bar, Line
  • Pop-up hints with detailed trade information
  • Levels with Alerts
  • Notifications via Ninja Alerts and emails
  • Proprietary settings window with On-The-Fly adjustments of parameters. Chart reloading does not require anymore!

Tape Reconstruction

MZpack Order flow core is able to reconstruct single (tick) trades into aggregated trades. Enable ‘Reconstruct tape’ option (default setting) to see aggregated trades. You can change this option On-The-Fly.

MZpack mzBigTrade Indicator Tape Reconstruction


The indicator has two types of logic for combining filters.

  • ANY – any of enabled filters must be met
  • ALL – all of the enabled filters must be met

Also, we have Extra Filters: Aggression and Smart/Predatory. These filters applied over the main filters.MZpack Liquidity Pulling In mzBigTrade Orderflow Indicator. Filters

MZpack BigTrade with DOM Support

Auto-filtering of Order Flow and Stacked Tape

Iceberg Algorithms

Iceberg search algorithms work only on live or Market replay data only. An iceberg order is a special limit order. The main size of an iceberg order is not shown in the order book. You will never know the size of the hidden part (iceberg) of limit order without a special algorithm running in real-time.

  • Hard. In this mode, we use volumes on best bid/ask price levels to calculate the size of the hidden liquidity
  • Soft. In this mode, we add positive DOM pressure (if any) to the size of the iceberg order calculated by Hard algorithm

Iceberg order

DOM Pressure – Pushing/Pulling of Liquidity

We use DOM pressure term to describe the behavior of the liquidity on the way of a market order. Positive DOM pressure means liquidity pushing or adding. Negative DOM pressure means liquidity pulling or removing.
E.g. Buy order with negative DOM pressure means pulling the liquidity on best Ask upon execution of the order. For a sell order, DOM pressure is a kind of support for the price. In the case of buy trade, DOM pressure will be a resistance.

MZpack DOM Sell Pressure After Stop RunMZpack Liquidity Pulling In mzBigTrade Orderflow Indicator

Aggressive Trades

An aggressive trade ‘eats’ liquidity on two or more price levels to get filled. An aggressive trade can be an initiative market order or triggered stop-market orders (stop run). Also, aggressive trade can be called trade with a sweep.
Aggressive trades are shown with dotted contours.

MZpack Aggressive Trades

Smart/Predatory Trades

This option for predatory algo trades or ‘smart money’ trades detection. A trading algorithm absorbs the exact quantity of contracts available in the market by the price or in some price range. Microstructure pattern: pay attention to smart trades imbalance in small ranges or brackets to find momentum direction before it will start.

MZpack Smart Predatory Trades

DOM Support, Market-Limit Orders

We use DOM support term to describe the behavior of the liquidity in the tail of the executed market order. See image. In this example buy trade has DOM support 50-Lot at the bid side. These 50 contracts have been added at best bid price right after the execution of the order. Note, that both the trade box and triangle have the same color.

MZpack BigTrade with DOM Support

Big or ‘Smart’ Money and institutional traders often act by Market-Limit and Stop-Limit orders. Market-Limit orders are executed at the best price available on the market. If the Market-Limit order can only be partially filled, the order becomes a limit order and the remaining quantity remains on the order book at the specified limit price. Learn more at CME Group Wiki.
To spot Market-Limit orders enable ‘DOM support’ filter. Also, enable Extra Filters: ‘Smart’ and ‘Aggression’ = 1. In the case of buy Market-Limit order limit part of the order will be a support for the price whereas for sell Market-Limit order limit part will be resistance.

Levels with Alerts


Level 1 Level 2
Required Market Data
Historical Data Support Not used
Market Replay Support Not used
Futures Forex Stocks Crypto
Supported Market
Minimal Optimal
OS Windows 8.1 32-bit Windows 8.1/Windows 10 64-bit
CPU Intel Pentium Core i3 Intel Core i9/AMD Ryzen 9
Memory 4Gb 8-16Gb
Storage HDD SSD/NVMe

Licensing and Services

Service Note
Helpdesk See Service Agreement
Knowledge Base Quick start with MZpack, Indicators' settings, FAQ, Troubleshooting, etc.
NinjaScript/C# Code Reviewing Reviewing your code by our developers. FREE
Coding Service based on MZpack API From $300 per a project
Transfer of License An MZpack license is linked to your PCs with product activation. But if you change machines or its critical hardware parts, you will be able to transfer your license within 24 business hours by purchasing this transfer service.

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6 reviews for mzBigTrade Indicator for NinjaTrader 8

  1. Sneggie (verified owner)

    The Plugin is absolutely satisfying 😊

  2. lumara (verified owner)

    Great Indicator, I am working on a laptop and this low weight indicator while keeping chart tidy, has greatly improved my entries and strategy

  3. Michael (verified owner)


  4. Zachary (verified owner)

    These indicators are accurate. The visualization is 2nd to none. I have big trade and market depth, both are excellent for trade validation. The owner has expanded his help desk capability and is responsive to customer tech support. I highly recommend mzpack for its capability and customer support. Training videos are comprehensive and easy to follow. With appropriate trading methodology, mzpack is superb. I highly recommend mzpack.

  5. Mark

    Very impressed by the fast support…

  6. Steve

    mzBigTrade: Awesome tool…

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