MZpack API 2.2.13 beta

– 3.16.12 core – MZpackCustomStrategy0 sample has been optimized for OnBarClose logic – Added BarIcebergsSignal signal – Added RelativeToProfileSignal signal – GetEntryPrice(…) method has modified and implemented inside base abstract Signal class.


MZpack 3.16.12

mzVolumeProfile – When profile Position = RightOnChartMargin it always occupies all available margin – Added option ‘Volume Profile – Profile: left margin, px’. Use it along with ‘Profile: right margin, px’ toRead More…


MZpack API 2.2.12 beta

– 3.16.11 core – IMarketDepthMigration interface has renamed to IBarLiquidity – Added SortedDictionary<int, IBarLiquidity> OverallLiquidity { get; } to IMarketDepthIndicator interface – Added Trading Times feature. The strategy doesn’t make entries outsideRead More…


MZpack API 2.2.11 beta

Added public enum CancelLimitOrderType { None, Ticks, Bars, Milliseconds } Entry class has extended: – Added CancelLimitOrderType property – Cancel or not Limit order after the value CancelLimitOrderValue of this type hasRead More…


MZpack 3.16.9

mzVolumeProifile – Fix. Session profile is not as expected in OnBarClose mode. – Fix. Aggregated volume profiles may terminate.


MZpack 3.16.8

mzVolumeProifile – Added support OnBarClose mode with Tick accuracy for optimization of system resources. Set Setup – Calculate = OnBarClose from indicator settings. TPO is always calculated in OnEachTick mode. See imageRead More…


MZpack API 2.2.9 beta

– Instrument name and Trading hours added to strategy log. – BarStopLossEntry class: stop-loss price is adjusted by the current spread. – FootprintSRZonesSignal class: added IsFilter property: https://www.mzpack.pro/download-files/MZpack%203%20API%20Help/html/b52a8698-78e2-e8d6-9546-47cfc36e302a.htm