MZpack API 2.2.3

What’s new 3.15.29 MZpack core Added pattern Dashboard Added Pattern/signal alerts Settings have been reorganized Added alert .wav files: mzpack_alert1.wav, mzpack_alert2.wav,.. mzpack_alert8.wav See details in the User Guide


MZpack 3.15.29

Common – Performance optimization mzFootprint – Added ‘Left/Right Footprint – Values: abs Delta’ option. Disable to see signed delta when Color source is Delta. – Fix. Enabling ‘Reconstruct tape’ leads to anRead More…


API 2.2.1

What’s new MZpack 3.15.27 core User Guide has updated Added property MZpackStrategyBase.EnableBacktesting. See User Guide for details on strategies backtesting. Added MZpack.NT8.Algo.MZpackStrategyBase.Operating property of type enum StrategyOperating { Auto, Manual }. InRead More…