MZpack 3.14.13 beta

MZpack 3.14.13 beta mzMarketDepth – Added option ‘Extend ladders’ to extend all levels of Realtime DOM. mzVolumeProfile – Fix. The new profile started unexpectedly after a bar with zero volume. mzVolumeDelta –Read More…


MZpack 3.14.12 beta

MZpack 3.14.12 beta mzFootprint – Notifications (alerts) added for: a) Bar values: Trades number, Volume, Buy/Sell volume, Delta, Delta %, Abs delta average, Delta change, COT high/low b) Cumulative delta c) ClusterRead More…


MZpack 3.14.12 Pro beta

MZpack 3.14.12 Pro beta – Added ImbalanceSRZones, AbsorptionSRZones to IFootprintBar interface. – Filters in IBigTradeIndicator has been renamed. – IBigTradeIndicator.Trades is SortedDictionary<> now.– Added ‘attempts’ parameter to MZpack.NT8.Algo.Strategy.Initialize(). Number of attempts toRead More…


MZpack 3.14.9 beta

MZpack 3.14.9 beta mzVolumeProfile Fix. TPO may not be accurately calculated if Ticks per level > 1. Fix. Ladders may disappear. mzMarketDepth Fix. Changing ‘Liquidity migration – Added/Removed volume filter’ requires indicatorRead More…


MZpack 3.14.7 beta

MZpack 3.14.7 beta mzFootprint – Fix. Error on calling ‘OnRender’ method on bar …: Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute at MZpack.FootprintBarsBase.PrepareRenderArgs(RenderArgs e)


MZpack 3.14.6 beta

MZpack 3.14.6 beta mzVolumeProfile – ‘General – Optimize render performance’ option has been added. This allows you to optimize rendering performance so as not to exceed the Maximum rendering time parameter. ThisRead More…