MZpack API 2.1.2

– Fix. The pattern is not validated as expected if a logical node has no signal nodes. – Property SignalsTree.DefaultDirection has deprecated. – Logging of full Core/API versions in the trace file.


API 2.1.1

– Added DOMBlockSignal class. It tracks large limit orders (blocks) in the DOM. The signal generates LONG direction for bid blocks and SHORT direction for offer blocks. – Added BigTradeSignal class. –Read More…


MZpack 3.15.22

mzFootprint – Added option: Imbalance – Marker position (Inner, Center, Outer) mzMarketDepth – Volumes are divided by General – Volumes divider parameter now mzBigTrade – Fix. Bar marker has a minimum heightRead More…


MZpack 3.15.21

mzFootprint – Fix. Indicator error might occur when Statistic Grid is visible – Fix. Invalid cluster rendering in some cases for Forex pairs if Ticks per level > 1