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MZpack NinjaTrader 8 and  NinjaTrader 7 Indicators are based on analysis of order flow, order book, and market microstructure events. MZpack uses all available data from the feeds such as Level I & Level II. The indicators’ algorithms include elements of CME MDP 3.0 Market Data specification.

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Why MZpack?

  1. Fully compatible with NinjaTrader 8 and NinjaTrader 7. We are a member of NinjaTrader Ecosystem.
  2. MZpack is the result of a trading experience of a large number of traders from Russia, Spain, Germany and worldwide.
  3. MZpack indicators algorithms are based on analysis of order flow, order book, and market microstructure.
  4. Any market supported: Futures, Stock, Forex, Crypto.
  5. The Technology of MZpack indicators is mainly new for retail traders segment. As is known the market wins, who first begin to use new opportunities.
  6. You will get the complete package of conceptually interrelated trading tools.
  7. Quick start with built-in workspaces and Video Guide and pdf User Guide.
  8. Algotrading support – API for developing trading bots on C#/NinjaScript and custom indicators.
  9. LIFETIME license with free regular updates with new features. We are open to your requests for new features!


For Whom MZpack Can Provide Potential Profitable Trading?

MZpack Indicators can be used in many trading approaches by

  • Scalpers. Start from 2-3 ticks targets.
  • Day traders. Get by 10 ticks and more inside trade session.
  • Momentum/swing traders. Use MZpack NinjaTrader Indicators to spot entries/exits and manage positions.
  • Long-term traders. Use MZpack to build large (monthly, quarterly, yearly) Volume Profiles.

Video Tutorials

More Video Tutorials…

mzpack-youtube-channel  Watch more videos on MZpack channel

What Traders Say?

Luis R.: I have been trying to codify strategies with the MZPACK API, I have found excellent tools, I congratulate them for their professionalism.

Fariborz A.: “I actually prefer your foot print charts much more than any other foot print chart I’ve ever come across (and believe me, I’ve seen them all).”

V. Monfort: “I’m a very proud and happy customer of your indicators. I purchased Mzpack 2/3 and Pro last year and I just can say thank you.”

Jan: “Your Footprint is verry cool and the Best of All.”

Lukas H.: “I already use your volume profile, and for me it is the best volume indicator for NinjaTrader.”

Rob: “I am very happy so far with your indicators as I’ve been comparing them to other order flow tools I have. Thank you very much – this is a great set of tools!”

Pete: “Really like the software.”

Manuel: “Thanks for your efforts. Best regards Manuel.”

David: “I want to say that it is a great software and I like it very much. Congratulations on the good work! The footprint is excellent and muuuuch better than the one I used before.
…your customer support is really great and I appreciate your effort a lot!”

Milton: “I bought MZpack. Great work.”

pep639@….com: “Hello, im writing to you to thank you for your job mzpack is incredible, i really enjoy all features…”

Mark: “Very impressed by the fast support…”

Steve: “mzBigTrade: Awesome tool…”

Scotty: “Thank you so much!!! You created an excellent product that continues to get better and better.”

Scott A.: “Thanks for your excellent product!!!!”

Walter L.: “MZPack discovers the internals of a given market nearly perfect. Great work!”

Rodrigo G.: “I was very surprised mzpack, because I realize that it works, I already like it too much, today I opened three operations and I won the three with enough pips, I learned fast about the operation. He had been watching his videos for a few days now. Mzpack is giving me the precise timing of entry.
Thank God I have that ability to learn very fast, for that reason I am so surprised by your software. I am very grateful.”

Javier: “I bought your pack last week and I´m really impressed. Nice job!”

Christos L.: “Very happy with MZ Pack”

Mike H.: “The more I use your product the more I love it!”

Rymer S.: “This indicator is incredible value!!!”

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