Trading Setups

Trading setups are what you need to build your own trading strategy. One trading strategy includes one or more trading setups. So setups are basic (but not the only) elements of any trading strategy.

Each correct stated trading setup can be described in no more than 10-12 words. Trading setup must be as simple as you can clearly see it in 2-3 seconds on your chart.

If some of your setups is not simple try to break it on simple parts. Finally you may find that your strategy is still the same, but now you have some order and much more clear rules.

How To Find A Setup For Your Instrument

MZpack indicators for NinjaTrader can be used in a variety of appliances from scalping to day trading. Also, momentum and swing traders can use MZpack indicators to manage their entries and exits. So setup must meet your trading style and strategy first. E.g. for hardcore scalping you need very short-time triggering setups that take 1-3 seconds. And for momentum or imbalance day trading you can find good setups that are 15-60 min long.

Here is an example of NASDAQ momentum trading setup about 20 min long.

NASDAQ NQ trading setup

As you guessed parameters of MZpack indicators will be totally different for different trading styles and traded tickers. You need to adjust MZpack parameters to focus on significant events in order flow that will be the basis of your trading setups. Likely you should use different parameters for mzBigtrade, mzMarketDepth and mzAggressiveTrade for different trading sessions and even adjust those during session time.

The best practice is to use NinjaTrader Market Replay for adjusting parameters and getting some screen time before you can start.

Read about how to use NinjaTrader Market Replay.

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