Q: How to update my MZpack?
A: Download the latest version of MZpack from the site and install it over the previous version.

Q: Where can I download the latest version of MZpack?
A: Download link is in your order information email.

Q: Download doesn’t start, an error page is displayed after I entered the license key on the Customers Download Page.
A: The possible reasons:
1. Typo or spaces in the license key – use Copy/Paste method.
2. A wrong product is chosen. If you purchased one or more single indicators (not the whole package) choose ‘Single Indicators’ version.

Q: I tried to import downloaded MZpack 2 .zip but get an error saying “The NinjaScript archive was made from an older, incompatible version of NinjaTrader”
A: Don’t try to import .zip file. Follow installation instructions, please.

Q: Why can’t I enter the license key into MZpack Activating window?
A: You are running the TRIAL version. Download and install paid version, please.

Q: I have single indicator license and purchased a license for new one. How can I activate the new license?
1. Delete license file: C:\Users\<Windows user name>\AppData\Local\MZpack\MZpack 3 NT8\Settings.xml
Folder ‘AppData’ is a hidden folder. So check View – Hidden items in Explorer first (for Windows 8 and Windows 10). Video instructions.
2. Open NinjaTrader and use a new license key for activation.

Q: I have license checking issues
A: This happens because hardware Id of your computer has changed from the time of activation. Hardware Id is built from CPU Id, RAM amount, hard disk drives serials,  network adapters info, and system software components. If you are not able to run the product because of invalid license contact support, please.

Q: Can I use two indicators with different subscription periods on the same machine?
A: This is not possible by default. E.g. lifetime and subscription licenses can’t be used on the same machine, all subscriptions periods must start and end on the same dates. Licensing periods must be equal. Contact support if you really need this.

Q: High CPU load, long chart loading or chart is not loaded at all, wrong positions of indicator’s plots.
A: Delete your Ninja database cache data:
• Shut down NinjaTrader.
• Open the Documents > NinjaTrader 8 > db folder.
• Delete the sub-folder named ‘cache’.
• Restart NinjaTrader and test.

The NT8 data cache folder saves pre-formatted data to suit your bars types, the purpose of which is to enable faster startup times. Sometimes in certain circumstances, your chart bars will be full of errors, so it doesn’t hurt to clear the cache once in a while, or every day if you are having issues. Also, you can read more details and get a dedicated utility. If this will not help please do as follow: In Ninja menu: Tools – Database Management – Repair DB – Repair

Q: Is it possible to have the volume profile as behind of candle bars? 

  1. Select chart bars by clicking on one of them
  2. Press and hold Shift key
  3. Scroll mouse wheel to bring chart bars to the front

Q: MZpack for NinjaTrader 7. High memory usage or “Out of system resources” message appears after some MZpack indicators were placed on the chart.
A: NinjaTrader requires a huge amount of system memory in some cases.

  1. Check if any unused workspaces with MZpack indicators were opened.
  2. Set Days to load parameter of the chart is equal to 0 (i.e intraday market data only) for all chart with tick data series BEFORE applying any of MZpack chart templates or indicators to it. Set this parameter to no more than 5 for all others charts.


We added a parameter for all MZpack orderflow-based indicators to control the amount of market data loaded for tick charts. It set to “Intraday data only” by default. If you need more historical data on chart set this parameter to false and control amount of loaded data by Days to load parameter

Load intraday only market data MZpack indicator parameter

For additional information please read this article How to boost NinjaTrader.

Q: Where I can find chart templates and trading setups?
A: MZpack installer includes some chart templates as a starting point. Chart templates described in User Guide. Also, check Education section at site main menu to learn more. Discover more trading setups on Trading Setups page.