MZpack 3.16.6

Common – Fix. Non-Crypto volumes divider is ignored when volume filters are applied. mzVolumeDelta – Fix. Sound file is not played on alert. mzVolumeProfile – Fix. VAH area is not rendered inRead More…


MZpack 3.16.4

Common – ‘Orderflow – Non-Crypto volumes divider’ parameter is back. mzFootprint – Added Imbalance – Marker type: Dot or Cluster – Imbalance markers are visible for any footprint style, and even forRead More…


MZpack API 2.2.3

What’s new 3.15.29 MZpack core Added pattern Dashboard Added Pattern/signal alerts Settings have been reorganized Added alert .wav files: mzpack_alert1.wav, mzpack_alert2.wav,.. mzpack_alert8.wav See details in the User Guide


MZpack 3.15.29

Common – Performance optimization mzFootprint – Added ‘Left/Right Footprint – Values: abs Delta’ option. Disable to see signed delta when Color source is Delta. – Fix. Enabling ‘Reconstruct tape’ leads to anRead More…