MZpack 3.14.7 beta

MZpack 3.14.7 beta mzFootprint – Fix. Error on calling ‘OnRender’ method on bar …: Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute at MZpack.FootprintBarsBase.PrepareRenderArgs(RenderArgs e)


MZpack 3.14.6 beta

MZpack 3.14.6 beta mzVolumeProfile – ‘General – Optimize render performance’ option has been added. This allows you to optimize rendering performance so as not to exceed the Maximum rendering time parameter. ThisRead More…


MZpack 3.14.5 beta

MZpack 3.14.5 beta mzVolumeProfile – ‘Split’ option for TPO has been added. See image. mzFootprint – ‘Scale source’, ‘Gradient source’ options have been added. Watch video. – Border for footprint clusters –Read More…


MZpack 3.14.3 Pro beta

MZpack 3.14.3 Pro beta API – Improved performance and stability of mzVolumeProfile indicator. – API for mzVolumeProfile indicator has changed. Samples have been updated. – filtersRange parameter has been added for Pattern class constructor.Read More…


MZpack 3.14.2 beta

MZpack 3.14.2 beta mzVolumeProfile – Fix. Naked/Extended/DevelopingNaked levels of POC/VAH/VAL are not supported if volume profile is in Rigth position. – Fix. Data is accumulated for the last session of the chartRead More…


MZpack 3.14.1 beta

MZpack 3.14.1 beta mzVolumeProfile – Deep optimization – Independent view (VP, TPO, All, None) for each Stacked profile – ‘Delta saturation’ option has been added – Profile quick buttons have been modifiedRead More…