MZpack 3.15.15 beta

mzVolumeProfile – Added TPO levels for Custom profiles. In Custom profile mode ‘Attach to’ value can be ‘All’ only, and the last added custom profile has T index = 0.


MZpack 3.15.12 beta

mzVolumeDelta – In Volume mode when Show = Icebergs only iceberg volumes are shown. This allows cleary to see iceberg buy/sell imbalance in three different ways: Total, Stacked, Opposite. Enable ‘Orderflow –Read More…


MZpack 3.15.11 beta

mzMarketDepth – Added new Filtering modes for Historical DOM: AdaptiveLess and AdaptiveMore Both modes use initial percent as a starting point for filtering. AdaptiveMore calculates minimal DOM order size to display startingRead More…


MZpack 3.15.8 beta

mzVolumeProfile – Fix. Bars mode works not as expected for Stacked profile. mzFootprint – Fix. Ending types for Imabalce/Absorption S/R zones can affect each other – Fix. Absolute Delta Average can beRead More…