MZpack API 2.3.5 beta

What’s new – Added Ninja ATM support. See MZpackStrategyBase.PositionManagement, MZpackStrategyBase.NinjaTraderATM_TemplateName properties Note, that there are some limitations for Ninja ATM Strategies. Read more here https://ninjatrader.com/support/helpGuides/nt8/using_atm_strategies.htm – Added Conjunction logical node – AddedRead More…


MZpack API 2.3.3 beta

Added ICandle interface for easy handling such values like OCHL, Body, Size, Upper/LowerWick, IsBullish, IsBearish, IsDoji Added MZpackStrategyBase.GetCandle(int ago) method that returns ICandle object Added BarMetricsSignal class. This class helps to implementRead More…


MZpack API 2.3.2 beta

What’s new – Added Node.IsEnabled property – Added the ability to add properties of a derived strategy class using ControlPanel attribute – ControlPanel sample updated