Transfer of MZpack License Update

Hey Traders!

As you probably know, MZpack license is linked to your PCs with product activation. But if you change machines or its hardware parts, you are able to transfer your license within 24 business hours by creating a support ticket.

This service was free previously. But because of the very high volume of transfer requests License transfer rules have been updated. Starting from Sep 21th 2020 you will be able to transfer your license by purchasing this transfer service (one purchase per license key).

Read more on the License Transfer Service page, please.


User Guide Update

User Guide has been updated, mzFootrpint Indicator, p.12


  • Ticks per level. Sets the level of aggregation for individual price levels, if price levels should be merged together. ‘Ticks per level’ parameter is not available if Orderflow – Reconstruct tape is enabled.
  • Trade min. Minimal single or reconstructed trade volume cumulated by Footprint.
  • Trade max. Maximal single or reconstructed trade volume cumulated by Footprint.
  • Display value. All values and its corresponding clusters less than this parameter will not be shown

Download User Guide


MZpack 3.15.16 – Working Times Explained – TPO Fix

– ‘Profile accuracy’ = Tick: if Tick Replay is disabled, you will see a warning message and historical plots are not shown
– ‘Profile accuracy’ = Minute: if Tick Replay is not disabled you will see a warning message and data (historical and real-time) are not processed
– Fix from 3.15.14: in Minute accuracy TPO open/close are not 100% exact

Working Time

‘General – Working time’ option is used to define the working time interval of the indicator. Set ‘Start time’ as a beginning and ‘Stop time’ as the end of time interval when indicator will process market data. You can specify the time of day only but not the date.

In mzVolumeProfile set ‘Chart Profile mode’ = Continuous if Working time is enabled. In this mode, a new profile is created at the beginning of each time interval.

Bars closed before Start time will be excluded from processing. Bars opened after Stop time will be excluded from processing. If the time of the bar falls into the Working time interval (even partially), this whole bar will be processed.

Note, that time of the bar on the chart is its CLOSE time. Next images illustrate how Working time is applied to such bars markup when Profile accuracy = Minute.


MZpack 3.15.15 beta

– Added TPO levels for Custom profiles.

In Custom profile mode ‘Attach to’ value can be ‘All’ only, and the last added custom profile has T index = 0.


MZpack 3.15.14 beta

– Added ‘TPO levels’ functionality

TPO levels consist of three groups of levels. Each group can be attached to all chart profiles or to a profile with a given T index. The last (current) profile of the chart has T index = 0, the previous profile has T index = 1, etc.
TPO levels include a set of significant profile levels: Open, Close, High, Low, IB High, IB Low, TPO POC, TPO VAL, TPO VAH. Each level can be Extended or Naked. The naked level can be terminated by any profile, next profile, or a profile with a given T index.

Some TPO levels can be used with volume profiles.

– Fix. Trades number is divided by value divider in the Statistic grid.
– Fix. Values fonts of Footprints are used for Bar Statistic text.

– Fix. In Iceberg opposite mode wrong colors are used for drawing, some items of the histogram may be invisible.


MZpack 3.15.13 beta

– Added header letters in TPO Split mode when letters are displayed as blocks. See image.
– Fix. Wrong TPO prints spreading among chart bars may occur in Minute accuracy (since 3.15.11).
– Fix. TPO POC is at VAL when there is the only period in the market profile.

– Fix. Volumen position = OutsideRight, the value is on the left

All versions have been updated: 32 bit, Single Indicators, Trial.


MZpack 3.15.12 beta

– In Volume mode when Show = Icebergs only iceberg volumes are shown. This allows cleary to see iceberg buy/sell imbalance in three different ways: Total, Stacked, Opposite. Enable ‘Orderflow – Reconstruct tape’ option while using Icebergs.
– Added ‘Bar Delta alert’ option. Alert is triggered once on the absolute delta of the bar.

– Added global volumes divider, see ‘Orderflow – Volumes divider’ parameter. Now you can adjust volumes processing in any MZpack indicator in one click.
Use 1 million for the Crypto market.
– Fix. Overflow of a volume value might occur in the Crypto market.


MZpack 3.15.11 beta

– Added new Filtering modes for Historical DOM: AdaptiveLess and AdaptiveMore
Both modes use initial percent as a starting point for filtering.
AdaptiveMore calculates minimal DOM order size to display starting from the point when DOM was initialized.
Later the percent will be changed automatically to maintain minimal DOM order size for displaying.
AdaptiveLess mode is similar to AdaptiveMore except that minimal DOM order size to display will be slightly adjusted in time.
Both modes allow seeing clear historical DOM picture automatically adapting to future orders’ sizes.

– Fix. VWAP can be broken on establishing data connection because of a data gap.

– Changes in Orderflow – Calculation modes.
The UpDownTick mode uses UpDownTick calculation for historical and real-time data now.
The BidAsk mode uses BidAsk calculation for historical and real-time data (as usual).
Added Hybrid calculation mode.
The Hybrid mode uses UpDownTick calculation for historical data and BidAsk calculation for real-time data, which is much accurate.
Read more on how to use it in Indian Market.
– Added workspace for the Indian market: MZpack – BANKNIFTY – NIFTY – Default Settings