MZpack Indicators 3.18.4

What’s new

– Added filter – ‘Trade: volume is multiple of’. This feature allows you to identify market participants trading with significant rounded sizes
– Selection filter has been added to Extra filters. You can choose percent of volumes or percent of numbers of trades criteria. See User Guide for details
– In Solid color mode a required level of Saturation can be chosen
– Saturation and Heatmap of trade markers are calculated inside the current chart frame to add contrast to the picture

– Displaying of version number is disabled by default


Performancenachweis 378.820,52 USD. Vixx Futures

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Performancenachweis 378.820,52 USD

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VIXX Futures


MZpack API 2.3.9 beta

What’s new

– MZpackStrategyBase.OnEntryPatternValidated() is virtual. Always call base method in overrider.
See how to implement one pattern validation per bar. This might be useful for OnEachTick signals tree.

public class MyStrategy : MZpack.NT8.Algo.Strategy
int validatedBarIdx = -1;

public MyStrategy(string name, MyNinjaStrategy ninjaStrategy) : base(name, ninjaStrategy)

public override void OnEntryPatternValidated(Pattern sender, DateTime time)
validatedBarIdx = MZpackStrategy.CurrentBar;

base.OnEntryPatternValidated(sender, time);

public override bool OnValidateEntryPatternFilter(object e, MarketDataSource source)
if (MZpackStrategy.CurrentBar == validatedBarIdx) // One pattern validation per bar
return false;

return true;

MZpack API 2.3.7 beta

What’s new

– Position.CancelClose() can cancel manually placed limit orders or close manually opened entries. Use it from UI (MZpack Control panel) to manage position without disabling of the strategy.

public void cancelCloseButton_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
Strategy.Position.CancelClose("UI Cancel/Close", DateTime.Now);
(sender as Button).Content = getCancelCloseButtonText(); // Update button text

– MZpackStrategyBase.WorkingDataSeriesIdx is 0 (not a multi-timeframe strategy) by default
– Fix. Cancelling pending/working orders
– Fix. MZpackStrategyBase.GetCandle() method returns wrong candle metrics if ago value > 1


MZpack API 2.3.6 beta

What’s new

– MZpack 3.18.3 core
– Added Signal.GetDisplayName() method to display signal name in the Log and in pattern Dashboard legend:

public virtual string GetDisplayName() => string.IsNullOrEmpty(Name) ? this.GetType().ToString() : Name;

Override it in custom signals to display some usefull info about your signal
Example from built-in BarMetricsSignal class

public class BarMetricsSignal : Signal
BarMetrics barMetrics;
MinMax minMax;
int ago, ticks;

public override string GetDisplayName() => $"{barMetrics} {minMax} {ticks} ticks";

MZpack Indicators 3.18.2

What’s new

– Sigma 1/2 are decimal values

– Added ‘Statistic grid – Volume per second’ value
– Added option: ‘S/R zones: ended by ByBarTouch’
– Added option: ‘S/R zones: approaching, ticks’ – Approaching of the price to a zone in ticks to terminate zone
– Fix. S/R Zone is ended not as expected if Reconstruct tape is enabled

– Added ‘General – Crypto force instrument’. Enable this option if your data connection doesn’t mark crypto pair as a crypto instrument
– ‘Non-Crypto volumes divider’ has moved to General category


MZpack API 2.3.5 beta

What’s new

– Added Ninja ATM support. See MZpackStrategyBase.PositionManagement, MZpackStrategyBase.NinjaTraderATM_TemplateName properties
Note, that there are some limitations for Ninja ATM Strategies. Read more here
– Added Conjunction logical node
– Added new state ‘Not Calculated’ for Dashboard cells
– Added pop-up hint for Dashboard cells
– Added Strategy.IsOpeningPositionEnabled property
– Added Range.IsInSession property. Set IsInSession to True if pattern must be validated inside the current session only.
– Action can return SignalDirection.None which terminates validating of the signals/filters
– ControlPanel is disabled while loading market data
– Fix: issue with adding custom items to MZpack ControlPanel


MZpack API 2.3.3 beta

  • Added ICandle interface for easy handling such values like OCHL, Body, Size, Upper/LowerWick, IsBullish, IsBearish, IsDoji
  • Added MZpackStrategyBase.GetCandle(int ago) method that returns ICandle object
  • Added BarMetricsSignal class. This class helps to implement some intra bar rules based on Price Action