MZpack TPO (Market Profile)

MZpack 3.14.0 beta for NinjaTrader 8

– TPO (Market Profile)
– Aggregation of price levels for both VP and TPO (see image)

– Fix: unstable Hardware Id calculation method

WARNING. To run this release you need to send a request to support@mzpack.pro to reset your activation record. Because of Hardware Id calculation method has been changed. Don’t run any previous version of the MZpack 3 until you will receive a positive response on your request. Otherwise, there is a chance that you will need to re-send your request.
Note, that we can reset activations for lifetime licenses and monthly subscriptions only.


MZpack 3.13.4 for NinjaTrader 8

MZpack 3.13.4 for NinjaTrader 8

– License checker has been improved. This will reduce the number of activation requests if your hardware has slightly changed. We strongly recommend updating.
Trial users: if you had licensing issues and your trial period is not over, update your trial version, please.

– Fix: DevelopingNaked POC can be in the wrong position if a profile is not visible on the chart


MZpack for Ninja 8 is from $36 now! Monthly Subscriptions are available.

Monthly Subscriptions are from $36/mo. VAT may be applied depending on your country. Purchase auto-renewing Monthly Subscription.

Read what our customers say

Joseph G.
I also wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your software and the improvements you have made to it over the past few years. I have been trading now for about 30 years and I can tell you without hesitation MZpack delivers and is a bargain to boot. Keep up the good work and thanks again.

Jack N.
Just wanted to let you know I’m going through the free trial period now and I’m quite impressed with what you offer! I can see there is a wealth of very valuable data withMZpack and I am very much enjoying the learning process.

Greg B.
Thanks for that I’m ready to purchase now. MZ pack is a fantastic set of indicators with a lot of features. They really suit my order flow style of trading with everything that I need.

Victor B.
Thank you for such awesome you have done to quickly develop MZPack to what it is. Absolutely amazing I even though am only starting to make money in trading, I would not have been able to get where I am today without your indicators.

Михаил, спасибо вам за такой классный набор инструментов ) Просто тащусь каждый день, работая с вашими индюками.

Matthew C.
I continue to love your MZPack. Thanks again!

Anthony B.
Hey Mz thank you for all your work.
Im learning a lot with your stuff.

Pato C.
Thank you for Volume profile indicator……is amazing…..thanks form Mexico…..appreciate

Dinesh B.
I started working on MZPack and its amazing and getting used to it. I have alsoreferredcouple of my friends.

FT _ Fund Manager
I found the COT reading an excellent attribute to the software I am not aware of anyone else offering this on a footprint, I recommend any trader to understand this and if used correctly can generate good risk reward trading.
I would certainly recommend this product “FootPrint by MZpack and just to state I have no connection with this company other than being a customer.
I also purchased this product mainly because it provides mewiththe certain end of day information which I need to workout market flow for the next day, week or month. This does it very well and I can read the information quickly.

Purchase auto-renewing Monthly Subscription
$36/mo Buy now!

MZpack 3.13.3 for NinjaTrader 8

MZpack 3.13.3 for NinjaTrader 8

– ‘Custom profile unique settings’ option was added. If checked, each custom profile will have unique settings accessible via buttons.
Settings from On-the-fly settings window will not be applied if ‘Custom profile unique settings’ is On.
– ‘Scale’ option has been renamed to ‘Relative width’. It scales the width of profiles according to chosen type of values among all chart profiles
– ‘Opacity, %’ option has been renamed to ‘Ladders/Area/Contour opacity, %’
– ‘Delta opacity, %’ was added
– In Contour presentation line of the contour is drawn over all other graphics to be more visible
– Fix: POC ladder is visible in Area and Contour presentations
– Fix: Developing/extended levels are not visible if profile area is not on the chart

– Fix of Hardware Id calculation for some VPS machines


MZpack 3.13.2 for NinjaTrader 8

MZpack 3.13.2 for NinjaTrader 8

– Bugfix: S/R zones rendering
– Bugfix: Level may throw an exception while attaching to the last bar

– Bugfix: invalid calculation of VWAP/deviations if Profile accuracy = Minute

– Bugfix: possible crash during indicator rendering

– Bugfix: Imbalance is calculated for all available DOM levels despite of ‘Depth of market’ parameter
– Bugfix: possible crash during indicator rendering


How To Get NinjaTrader 8 Free

How To Get NinjaTrader 8 Free

NinjaTraderBrokerage offers Free NinjaTrader 8 Demo. You can start your live demo to experience NinjaTrader’s award-winning features powered by high-speed data. You will need

  1. NinjaTrader 8 platform installer
  2. Live market data subscription

Request your free NinjaTrader 8 demo at NinjaTraderBrokerage. Futures and Forex market data are available.

Download and install latest NinjaTrader 8 with free demo license. Note, that with the free license you may practice on demo account only, live trading is not available.

You will receive CQG demo login and password in a few minutes after registration. Demo subscription is valid for 20 days and granted one time only per each email. You can purchase live market data subscription from CQG, Rithmic, IQFeed, etc. later. For best results with MZpack use data subscriptions with Level 2 support.

Free version of Ninja 8 has no limitations in features (it’s like full lifetime version). But you can’t use free version on live broker account, but only with demo one.

MZpack doesn’t depend on the type of Ninja license. You can use MZpack with any version of NinjaTrader – free, lifetime, subscription.


MZpack 3.13.1 for NinjaTrader 8

MZpack 3.13.1 for NinjaTrader 8

  • License checking subsystem fix
  • New hardware Ids with flash/USB drives support

We strongly recommend to update up to this version ASAP. If you will run previous versions after Feb 21th, 2019 you will not be able to pass licensing system check with any new version starting from 3.13.1 without support request.


Sharing of Best Trading Practice

Sharing of Best Trading Practice

Trading futures market is not an easy business. The complexity of this particular market requires an adequate tool to succeed. MZpack for NinjaTrader is one of those tools, and also for the adequate price.

The key benefits of MZpack software lie in utilizing of market microstructure, order-flow, and volume-based analysis. This requires a deep understanding of features and correct interpretation of signals of MZpack indicators.

We believe that this mission can be completed only by doing everyday practice. So, basic education for you can be started from real-time trades as an example of this kind of trading activity.

We have started to publish our best practice, trades, and articles in the Blog section of our site for all who interested in self-education materials.

  • Read the Blog
  • Get enough screen time on a demo account
  • Find your trading strategy
  • Make good trades with low risk and high potential profit
  • Track your activity

Thanks and good trading!


02/12/2019. E-mini SP500 – Trade by The Trend

02/12/2019. E-mini SP500 – Trade by The Trend

Download workspace: MZpack – Trade by The Trend – ES

The position has two parts.

The big picture (see 30-Minute chart)

  • Up-trend on 30 Minute chart. The price is above daily VWAP at VAH

Orderflow events

  • Significant Buy initiative 150-Lot (aggressive) from inside day open range
  • A range of consecutive aggressive BUY orders

Microstructural events (see 10 Tick chart)

  • 172-Lot Buy after 172-Lot Sell trade. Buyers are taking control
  • Steady support on BID side

The entry was made from 1st standard deviation of the day.

Stop loss order is under day VWAP. Take profits are near 7-days high with RR = 2.5

Reasons to close the long

  • The exhaust of volume and trades number with first significant negative COT-high (close 1/2)
  • Huge negative COT-high (1/2)