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How to submit a feature request?

Leave your feature requests on the Forum under the Feature Request category by starting a new topic. Other users (and you) can vote for the feature by clicking the Like button. Requests with at least 20+ likes will be implemented. Most liked requests will up in the queue.  Note, that the final decision is for MZpack devs.

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MZpack Receives Code Signing Certification From GlobalSign

MZpack Receives Code Signing Certification From GlobalSign!
Our organization has been thoroughly vetted by GlobalSign, a worldwide identity provider.

Code Signing Helps Prove

Content Source:
Code Signing identifies that MZpack is coming from a specific source – IP Zhelnov Mikhail Petrovich. When software is downloaded from the internet, browsers will exhibit a warning message stating the possible dangers of downloading data, or display an “unknown publisher” warning. Code Signing removes the “Unknown Publisher” security warnings and identifies the Publisher’s name (ie. Organization Name).

Content Integrity:
Code Signing ensures that a piece of code has not been altered and determines whether code is trustworthy for a specific purpose. If the application/ software code is tampered with or altered after digitally signing, the signature will appear invalid and untrusted. Signing code is beneficial for users downloading applications and beneficial for developers. Users are assured who they are downloading software from.


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Using Iceberg Orders and DOM Pressure Pattern In Day Trading

You can find iceberg orders and DOM pressure functionality in mzBigTrade indicator.

Iceberg Orders

An iceberg order is a special limit order. The main size of an iceberg order is not shown in the order book. You will never know the size of the hidden part of the iceberg order, without analyzing algorithm running in real-time.
Fortunately, mzBigTrade indicator includes such searching algorithms.

Significant iceberg orders normally are exposed on reversals of local trends.
A SELL trade may trigger BUY iceberg orders.

Iceberg orders are shown with fuchsia contour.

DOM Pressure

We use the DOM pressure term to describe the behavior of liquidity on the way of a market order.

Any trade, you see in mzBigTrade indicator, is the result of matching market order, with a limit order, resting in the order book or DOM (Depth Of Market). This matching occurs at the best Bid or Ask prices, depending on the direction of the order, sell or buy.

DOM pressure can be negative or positive. Positive DOM pressure means adding the liquidity on the best Bid or Ask price right after matching. Negative DOM pressure means removing the liquidity on the best Bid or Ask price right after matching.

Positive DOM pressure always occurs at the opposite side of the order and is a resistance to the trend.

DOM pressure is shown as a triangle. Note, that expensive level 2 data, are not required for the indicator.

Example In The Video

Download .XML chart template, click Save As: MZpack – Order Flow Reversal Clusters

In this particular case, we can see a huge group of sell orders with buy iceberg orders, along with dom pressure. We call this a Reversal Order Flow Cluster.

The next occurred reversal order flow cluster is a smaller one. It contains fewer sell iceberg orders and dom pressure volumes. The price broke the level of the cluster and did test the second cluster. This could be your buy entry point, with the stop-loss order just below the first reversal cluster.

Use Reversal Order Flow Cluster pattern in conjunction with other MZpack indicators for better results.

Further Recommendations

Always look at the big picture first. Then drill down to the order flow and market microstructure.



MZpack 3.17.1

What’s new

– Readability of stat values has improved
– Fix. The indicator is terminated if license checking was not completed before market data coming
– Fix. The last profile on the chart rendered as not as expected if Position is RightOnChartMargin and Calculate is OnBarClose



mzBigTrade Indicator

  • Added Auto-filtering
  • Added Stacked Tape


Auto-filtering feature allows easily spot significant trades on the chart. It works in the background. Use Presentation – Max number of trades in chart frame parameter to adjust the intensity of the order flow on the chart.

When the zoom is increased for the chart, smaller and smaller trades become visible because those small trades make sense on zoomed (smaller) chart frame. Thanks to auto-filtering you can dig into order flow as soon as you need it.

Size of iceberg part of the order, dom pressure, and dom support are also considered in auto-filtering algorithm during the selection of trades.

Note, that the scale and color intensity of trades markers is calculated on all loaded market data.

Stacked Tape

To enable Stacked Tape choose Stacked  for Presentation – Marker position parameter.

The trades are organized vertically, by bar like a chain, and in the sequence in that trades come from the order flow. New buy trades are being added at the top, and new sell trades – at the bottom of each chain.

Stacked tape is extremely useful when you work with non-reconstructed tape, or when you have a lot of small trades for the traded instrument.

We recommend using stacked position on tick time frames like 20 Ticks.

Note, that stacked position is available for Bubble and Box markers only.



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