Hybrid mode for Order flow

Indian Market data providers (eg. Accelpix) don’t translate historical bid/ask data so far. For Indian users, Hybrid mode for ‘Orderflow – Calculation’ settings has been added. The Hybrid mode uses UpDownTick calculation for historical data and BidAsk calculation for real-time data, which is much accurate.

Hybrid mode is available starting from version 3.15.11.

Global Volumes divider and Ticks per level

Indian users might adjust global Volumes divider and Ticks per level parameters.

For NIFTY features set Volumes divider = 75 according to lot size. BANKNIFTY features has 20 as the lot size. See the above image. Global Volumes divider is available starting from version 3.15.12

For NIFTY futures set Ticks per level = 40. We use this value for mzFootprint on 240 Range chart and for mzVolumeProfile on 30 Min chart.

mzBigTrade Indicator

mzBigTrade Indicator requires fine-tuning. See image. You can use 10 Tick chart to refine your entries. Take some screen time to make adjustments suited for your trading strategy.

Download BANKNIFTY – NIFTY workspace. MZpack 3.15.12 or later required.