Volumes for Cryptocurrencies (eg. BTCUSD, ETHUSD, etc.) are adjusted automatically.

  1. Check if Instrument type is Crypto for your Cryptocurrency instrument
  2. These settings are essential when adjusting charts for a Cryptocurrency instrument:
    General – Crypto decimal places
    – mzVolumeProfile: Common – Ticks per level
    – mzFootprint: Filters – Ticks per level
    – mzMarketDepth: Common – Level min height, px. Set the minimal height of level in pixels on the chart. It’s useful for instruments with tiny tick sizes

See mzMarketDepth Indicator vs NinjaTrader Order Flow Market Depth Map on BTCUSD futures

Check out pre-installed workspace ‘MZpack – Day Trading – BTCUSD’
Note: MZpack 3.15.24 or later required.