MZpack 3.9.0 Big Update

What’s new

Some of the features were implemented in 3.8.2 and listed here

– Left and Right Footprints has been added for each bar. This gives up to 16 combinations of Footprint bars presentation
– New Footprint style ‘TradesNumber’. Shows number of trades in a cluster.
– New filter ‘Trade volume’ – minimal single trade volume cumulated by Footprint
– ‘Value filter’ renamed to ‘Display value’
– Render method changed for clear view
– ‘Bar outer margin, px’ added to control interbar space
– ‘VA opacity, %’ added

– ‘Reconstruct tape’ option has been added. To spot single trades turn it off. Turn it on to see aggregated trades.
– 10. Orderflow – ‘mzBigTrade ‘Recon. tape’ apply’ option has been added to choose between easy of use or memory optimization.
‘On-the-fly’ – apply Reconstruct tape mode without chart reload (requires a huge amount of memory).
‘ChartReload’ – changing Reconstruct tape mode requires chart reloading (this requires less memory amount).

– Stacked Volume Profiles has been added. It’s up to three independent Volume Profiles at right margin of the chart. Cumulation and shifting functions are available. E.g.
Sessions[2] cumulates VP for two last sessions.
Session[1] shows VP for one session ago.
Session[0] shows VP for current session.

All indicators
– NinjaTrader database repair warning printed in the log in case of bar series issues.

Fixed: mzVolumeDelta – histogram scaling; some bar delta is not relevant (3.8.2).
Fixed: mzBigTrade – unreconstructed trades are not collected in realtime (3.8.2)

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