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hyggsOctober 6, 2023
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Yesterday I started to use again the full license, and it was actually a great day on ES, I really am starting to put everything together and order flow it s a nice tool in every time frame but I find particularly useful daytrading, man can t thank you enough for helping me out figuring this out. Once again thank you for your time and this amazing product you did.
Gordon M.
Gordon M.Gordon M.
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The more time I spend with your indicators, the more impressive they are. The array of features is incredible. Congratulations for creating such an amazing addition to NinjaTrader.
Gary G.
Gary G. March 18, 2023
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MZpack offers the best charts I’ve ever used as far as fine tuning them.
Chris January 9, 2022
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I have been using MZPACK for about 2yrs. And all I can say is the features sets (MZPack 3) are much richer compared to other platforms at the same price level. In addition, the software’s flexibility and adaptability to a trader personality and trading style is a huge bonus…grow as my trading skillset improves. And finally, support service is first-class; Mikhail is super patience in the beginning w/ me when I first started out as a completely newbie. And bug fixes and improvements are always rolling out. Highly recommend!!
Chris A.
Chris A. January 26, 2023
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Thanks for all you’ve created, absolute game changer.