The Indicator of Predatory Trades

Indicator name: mzSmartMarket

  • Now mzSmartMarket is a part of mzBigTrade indicator for NinjaTrader 8. See Predatory/Smart only option.

  • SmartMarket indicator displays market orders triggered by a smart market players during position accumulation. The condition for market order detection is liquidity absorption exactly on one or more price levels. In other words, buyer or seller takes an exact quantity of contracts available in the market by the price or in some price range. By showing the direction of trades SmartMarket NinjaTrader indicator gives traders the opportunity to join the most informed market participants and gain an advantage over the others.

    SmartMarket NinjaTrader indicator features

    • Shows market orders of smart-money or most informed market participants
    • Volume filter of market orders
    • Fine-tuning options
    • Aggregation by price and time of market orders
    • Smart visualization of volumes by colors
    • Info popup tips for detailed information
    • Adjust parameters on the fly – no need to reload indicator. Save your trade session

    Market orders aggregation in SmartMarket indicator

    SmartMarket indicator supports aggregation of orders by time and price. E.g. place mzSmartMarket on 1 Min chart if you want to aggregate market orders inside 1 Min bars on each price or range of prices (it depends on actual orders execution range). Algo will aggregate all intersected market orders passed aggregation filter.

    SmartMarket NinjaTrader Indicator

    How to trade futures with SmartMarket indicator. E-mini SP500 example

    Here you can see how SmartMarket indicator detects short position accumulating approx 2000-Lot by “smart”. Average trade during this accumulation is 31-Lot what in fact unable to be seen by purely informed market participants. After that, we see down move from this accumulation. The first significant buy volumes by market orders appeared on a new day low. It’s the signal to close our shorts and look for go long.

    SmartMarket NinjaTrader Indicator

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    The second trading opportunity is appearing on a new day low. AggressiveTrade indicator spots stop-loss orders triggering. And at the same point SmartMarket indicator shows long position accumulation by best day prices (909-Lot in 30 buy market orders = 31-Lot/order average). In approx. next 10 minutes SmartMarket displays 772-Lot in 14 buy-by-market orders on a test of that area. Moreover down move was blocked by a big quantity of buy orders in DOM (MarketDepth indicator). Note that AggressiveTrade indicator spots about 1200-Lot at buy-side right after new day low rejection.

    SmartMarket NinjaTrader Indicator

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    SmartMarket indicator parameters windows

    SmartMarket NninjaTrader Indicator Parameters SmartMarket NninjaTrader Indicator Parameters

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