Visualize orderflow as it should looks like for a human mind

Indicator name: mzOrderFlow

The unique and awesome feature of OrderFlow NinjaTrader indicator is clear view of orderflow. Now with Reconstruct tape is on you can see real volumes of market orders. This OrderFlow indicator supports color coding of traded volumes with just one parameter to setup it.

OrderFlow NinjaTrader Indicator features

  • Highlight single trades not sliced by stock exchange core or algos.
  • Detect “iceberg” orders
  • No more DOM needed for hardcore scalping! Use unmatched chart resolution up to 1 Tick for scalping right on chart, not in DOM.

As you can see on screenshot below with OrderFlow indicator now is absolutely clear where big trades are started and finished.

Orderflow NinjaTrader Indicator

Orderflow NinjaTrader Indicator

“Iceberg” orders in orderflow

When someone real big want to hide their intentions from the crowd he uses hidden limit orders. OrderFlow indicator will show to you all hidden limit orders and even can reconstruct hidden orders quantity. Learn more about hiding limit orders and Display Quantity Qualifier at CME Group Wiki.

More convenient OrderFlow indicator

Unlike from tape reading tools where traded quantity is just bunch of digits with no relation with charts and time with our OrderFlow NinjaTrader indicator you can use more convenient one tick chart with timeline and place any other indicators you needed on it.

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