MZpack for NinjaTrader 8

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Watch MZpack 3 for NinjaTrader 8 Video Guide.

MZpack for NinjaTrader 7

MZpack includes 10 indicators and can be used totally different ways trading futures.
In this video tutorials we will discuss some ideas of trading futures with MZpack indicators for NinjaTrader.

ES S&P500 breakout

Here is an example of trade with MZpack indicators, order flow and order book data.
You can download this NinjaTrader workspace from our site.

ES S&P500 continuation trade

E-mini NASDAQ NQ Futures Day Trading Video

This video demonstrates how to use MZpack NinjaTrader indicators trading E-mini NASDAQ (NQ) futures. MZpack Indicators used in this video

  • mzOrderFlow
  • mzBestBidAsk
  • mzMarketDepth
  • mzSpread
  • mzAggressiveTrade
  • mzMarketLimit

E-mini NASDAQ futures may show to us very strong moves. We used absorption and breakouts of high liquidity levels in DOM for entries. We used Market Profile TPO indicator as macro view or big picture.

Download chart templates for NinjaTrader 7

E-mini SP500 futures reversal pattern

In this video we’ll discuss reversal pattern based on order flow and order book data analysis. MZpack Indicators used in this video

  • mzBracket (with mzBigtrade slave indicator)
  • mzMarketDepth
  • mzOrderFlow

Time is GMT+3. Chart template mz___UserGuide_Bracket_1 from installation package.

MZpack Indicators Futures Trading Video Tutorials Part 1 – Main Concept

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