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Indicator name: mzMarketLimit

Big or smart money and professionals act by Market-Limit and Stop-Limit orders.

What is Market-Limit orders

Market-Limit orders are executed at the best price available in the market. If the Market-Limit order can only be partially filled, the order becomes a limit order and the remaining quantity remains on the order book at the specified limit price.

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Filter orders by Market-Limit NinjaTrader Indicator

Market-Limit orders consists of two parts – market part and limit part. You can filter orders in Market-Limit indicator by quantity of this parts.

Entries and exits by Market-Limit/Stop-Limit orders

As you can guess Market-Limit orders used for entries at the best price. Whereas Stop-Limit orders used for exits. This type of orders are the essence of the same if limit-price is equal to stop-price for Stop-Limit order. Market-Limit NinjaTrader indicator displays both of them.

How to trade with Market-Limit NinjaTrader Indicator

You can use Market-Limit indicator

  • As a sentiment indicator. Cluster of big Market-Limit orders all in the same direction  in quite narrow range on day high/low against prior trend show big money sentiment
  • As positions covering indicator. Cluster of big Market-Limit orders all in the same direction in quite narrow range on day high/low by prior trend direction show positions covering
  • As a distribution indicator. 3-5 orders or bigger cluster of Market-Limit orders in different directions in a range show process of distribution
Market-Limit NinjaTrader Indicator

Market-Limit NinjaTrader Indicator as Sentiment Detector




Market-Limit NinjaTrader Indicator Covering

Market-Limit NinjaTrader Indicator as Covering Detector

Market-Limit NinjaTrader IndicatorDistribution as Distribution Detector

Market-Limit NinjaTrader IndicatorDistribution as Distribution Detector

Adjusting Market-Limit NinjaTrader Indicator

NOTE. Number and quantity of Market-Limit/Stop-Limit orders will be different for different tickers. Test and adjust this indicator on Market Replay first.

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