Interactive Volume Profile and Imbalance Indicator

Indicator name: mzBracket

mzBracket cumulates and process traded volumes and microstructure data of other MZpack indicator (or slave indicator) in given range or bracket. As a slave indicator trader can pick mzBigtrade, mzAggressiveTrade or mzSmartMarket indicator. In TRIAL version you can pick only mzBigtrade. Also filters can be applied to slave indicators. Volume profile builded by volumes coming from slave indicator. The gauge at right side of the bracket displays balance between bid and ask volumes provided by slave indicator. Knowing range parameters and critical volume imbalance for the instrument you can enter long or short with confidence on momentum start.

You can interactively add unlimited number of brackets (with Volume profile and delta gauge) and change its parameters: type, extents, filters etc.

Bracket NinjaTrader indicator features

  • Adjustable bracket parameters with on-the-fly settings. Supported three types of bracket: Sliding, Developing, Static.
  • Interactive Volume Profile with POC, VAH/VAL, delta and iceberg analysis
  • Deepest analysis of order flow and market microstructure via raw data aggregation
  • Clearly shows market imbalance in real time
  • Works on any type of chart


Bracket NinjaTrader Indicator

Bracket indicator parameters window

mzBracket on-the-fly settings

Some mzMarketDepth features on the video

How to trade futures with Bracket NinjaTrader indicator. E-mini SP500 example

In this video we’ll discuss reversal pattern based on order flow and order book data analysis.

Chart template mz___UserGuide_Bracket_1 from installation package

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