Liquidity watcher with anti spoofing

Indicator name: mzBestBidAsk

BestBidAsk NinjaTrader Indicator for scalping

This is NinjaTrader indicator for scalpers. Knowing what happens on the edges of the spread right now is very important for who must take fast decisions.

BestBidAsk NinjaTrader Indicator features

  • Best Bid-Ask and quantity Delta modes
  • Anti spoofing feature
  • Smart color coding

About Anti spoofing mode

As you know quantity of orders or liquidity on best Bid and best Ask may change several times per millisecond. Despite the fact that this may result from the change of players strategies this is offten called “spoofing”. Thanks to BestBidAsk NinjaTrader indicator you can watch on histogram quantity of orders resting on best Bid and best Ask right before filling of any order occured. With Anti spoofing is on you can clean yor chart from spoofed orders or even watch them! See picture.

Best Bid-Ask NinjaTrader Indicator for scalping

Best Bid-Ask NinjaTrader Indicator for scalping



Understanding scalpers setups

Because of this knowledge is not quite difficult to understand the most common configurations and use them in your trading. For example removing big quantity from best Bid-Ask can be a sign that price movement begins or will continue in this direction.

WARNING! BestBidAsk NinjaTrader indicator can be used on any type of chart, but it was designed to use on one tick chart and we strongly recommend this.

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