The Initiative from Market Microstructure Events

Indicator name: mzAggresiveTrade

  • Now mzAggressiveTrade is a part of mzBigTrade indicator for NinjaTrader 8. See Aggressive trade view section.

  • AggressiveTrade Indicator is based on direct analysis of order flow. It collects local events in market microstructure to show kind of a big picture. Also can be used as scalping indicator due to compatability with tick charts and Boxes visualization mode.

    AggressiveTrade NinjaTrader Indicator features

    • Dispalys aggressive (or initiative) buy/sell trades
    • Order quantity and granularity filters
    • Aggression level filter
    • Smart visual coding of traded volumes
    • Mark and filter orders with multiple of given value volume. E.g. if given value is 50 AggressiveTrade indicator will outline or filter 50, 100, 150-Lot etc. orders
    • Info popup tips for detail information
    • Adjust parameters on the fly – no need to reload indicator. Save your trade session.

How to trade futures with AggresiveTrade Indicator

AggresiveTrade indicator displays market sentiment in range of time and price

On this screen you can see

  1. Buy culmination with prior buy sentiment
  2. Market sentiment changing to selling after buy culmination

So this picture on AggressiveTrade indicator can be additional confirmation of intraday revers.

AggressiveTrade NinjaTrader Indicator as Market Sentiment Detector

AggressiveTrade NinjaTrader Indicator as Market Sentiment Detector

AggresiveTrade indicator spots momentum start

For this setup we need

  1. Traded range (or bracket)
  2. Low volatility in bracket

In this conditions we can plan momentum trade. Offten breakout can be done to any side of range. AggresiveTrade indicator helps to determine wich side of range will be breaked. Also AggresiveTrade indicator filters false breakouts.

AggressiveTrade NinjaTrader Indicator as Momentum Start Detector

AggressiveTrade NinjaTrader Indicator as Momentum Start Detector. Chart template mz___AggressiveTrade_1min_ES

AggressiveTrade as Scalping Indicator in Boxes visualization mode on tick chart

We added Boxes visualization for aggressive trades after requests of our customers.

  1. In this mode you can see all the price action due to more accurate drawing
  2. And on tick charts you can absolutely clear to see start, end and range of aggressive trade

This picture shows #2 well

AggressiveTrade as Scalping Indicator

AggressiveTrade as Scalping Indicator


Scalping ES E-mini SP500 video

Watch an example of trading with mzAggressiveTrade indicator

Setup example and chart templates

E-mini SP500 Microstructure Reversal Pattern

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