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Signal Class

Base class for any signal of a pattern.
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Namespace:  MZpack.NT8.Algo
Assembly:  MZpack.NT8.Pro (in MZpack.NT8.Pro.dll) Version: (
public class Signal : Node

The Signal type exposes the following members.

Public methodSignal
Initializes a new instance of the Signal class
Public methodCode exampleSignal(Strategy, MarketDataSource, SignalCalculate, Boolean)
Initializes a new instance of the Signal class.
Public propertyCalculate
When the signal is calculated.
Public propertyCalculatedTime
Time when the signal/filter has been calculated (validated or not).
Public propertyChartRange
Bar/price range on the chart where the signal has been valdated.
Public propertyDescription
Textual description of validated signal.
Public propertyHasPrice
True if the price of the signal will be used in the decision tree.
Public propertyIsReset
True if the signal is re-calculated on relevant data event. Set it to False to keep the state of the signal after its validation. Note, that all signals in the tree will be reset after validation of the whole pattern.
Public propertyMarketDataSource
Type of market data processed by the signal.
Public propertyName
Public propertyPartiallyVisibleMode
Visibility of the signal in partially visible mode of the indicator.
Public propertyStrategy
Parent strategy.
Public propertyTime
Time when the signal has been validated.
Public methodAddChild
Throws DecisionTreeInvalidStructureException exception.
(Overrides NodeAddChild(Node).)
Protected methodGetBestEntryPrice
Protected methodGetCurrentBarAgo
Returns 'bars ago' value for Ninja data series for the current bar to use in OnCalculate().
Protected methodGetEntryPrice
Returns entry price. Returns current Bid price if Calculate == SignalCalculate.OnEachTick and direction == SignalDirection.Long. Returns current Ask price if Calculate == SignalCalculate.OnEachTick and direction == SignalDirection.Short. Returns bar close price if Calculate == SignalCalculate.OnBarClose.
Protected methodGetLegendText (Overrides NodeGetLegendText.)
Public methodGetLogDescription (Overrides NodeGetLogDescription.)
Public methodCode exampleOnCalculate(MarketDataEventArgs, Int32, SignalDirection)
Override in inherited class to implement calculation (validation) of signals based on Level 1 market data.
(Overrides NodeOnCalculate(MarketDataEventArgs, Int32, SignalDirection).)
Public methodOnCalculate(MarketDepthEventArgs, Int32, SignalDirection)
Override in inherited class to implement calculation (validation) of signals based on Level 2 market data.
(Overrides NodeOnCalculate(MarketDepthEventArgs, Int32, SignalDirection).)
Protected methodCode exampleReset
Override to hide plots of indicators used in the signal if required.
(Overrides NodeReset(Boolean).)
Public methodToLegendView (Overrides NodeToLegendView(DashboardLegendView, DashboardLegendViewItem, Int32).)
Public methodToString
Default textual presentation of the signal.
(Overrides ObjectToString.)
Public methodTryReset (Overrides NodeTryReset(Boolean, Boolean).)
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