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Strategy Properties

The Strategy type exposes the following members.

Public propertyDashboard
Public propertyExitPattern
The exit pattern.
Public propertyLogLevel
Log level.
Public propertyLogTarget
Log target.
Public propertyLogTime
Add chart time to each log record.
Public propertyMZpackStrategy
Native NinjaTrader strategy.
Public propertyName
Name of the strategy.
Public propertyOppositePatternAction
How to manage opened position when pattern with opposite direction is validated.
Public propertyPattern
The entry pattern.
Public propertyPosition
Algorithmic position of the strategy.
Public propertyRiskManagement
Public propertySessionBreak
Reset the strategy and all signals on new session. Default is True. Opened position is still controled by Ninja settings.
Public propertyTradingTimes
Trading times. The strategy doesn't make entries outside trading times. Working orders outside trading times will be closed, pending orders will be canceled. TradingTimes doesn't affect on a strategy in Manual operating mode.
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