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Entry Properties

The Entry type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBreakEvenAfterTicks
Set to breakeven after this amount of ticks.
Public propertyBreakEvenPrice
Breakeven price after the entry was set to breakeven.
Public propertyBreakEvenShiftTicks
Amount of ticks to be added to BE stop-loss order. Positive shift means adding given amount of ticks as a profit.
Public propertyCancelLimitOrderType
Cancel or not Limit order after the value CancelLimitOrderValue of this type has reached.
Public propertyCancelLimitOrderValue
The value of type CancelLimitOrderType to cancel Limit order.
Public propertyEntryMethod
Entry method or order type.
Public propertyHasPendingLimitOrder
True if the entry has pending limit order(s). Valid only if EntryMethod = EntryMethod.Limit
Public propertyIsBreakEven
True if entry can be set to breakeven.
Public propertyIsInBreakEven
True if entry was set to breakeven.
Public propertyLimitEntryPriceChase
Move or not pending Limit order tick by tick as price moves away until Limit order is filled or cancelled.
Public propertyLimitEntryShiftTicks
Shift for limit entry order in ticks. This value will be added (for SHORT) or subtracted (for LONG) to the price generated by the pattern.
Public propertyProfitTargetCalculationMode
Stop loss for the entry in ticks.
Public propertyProfitTargetPrice
Profit target price for the entry.
Public propertyProfitTargetTicks
Profit target for the entry in ticks.
Public propertyQuantity
Size of the entry in contracts.
Public propertySignalName
Unique name of the signal from which this entry is made.
Public propertyStopLossCalculationMode
Calculation mode for stop-loss orders. Supported: Ticks, Price.
Public propertyStopLossPrice
Stop loss price for the entry.
Public propertyStopLossTicks
Public propertyStrategy
Parent strategy.
Public propertyTime
The last time the underlying Ninja order changed state.
Public propertyTrail
Trail object to set trailing stop loss for the entry.
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