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NinjaTrader.NinjaScript.Strategies.MZpackAPISamples Namespace

Namespace containing built-in samples for MZpack 3 API.
Public classAlgoStrategy1
This class demonstrates using of MZpack.NT8.Algo.Strategy abstract class. AlgoStrategy1 class is used in MZpackAlgoStrategy1 class.
Public classMZpackAlgoStrategy0
Demonstrates algo strategy class MZpack.NT8.Algo.Strategy with ATM and built-in TradesClusterSignal class.
Public classMZpackAlgoStrategy1
The strategy demonstrates using of patterns and built-in position management (ATM).
Public classMZpackAlgoStrategy2
Demonstrates algo strategy class MZpack.NT8.Algo.Strategy and built-in TradesClusterSignal, DOMImbalanceSignal classes. Implements Partially Visible mode of the indicators.
Public classMZpackCustomStrategy0
Public classMZpackCustomStrategy1
Demonstrates how to use StrategyBigTradeIndicator class and StrategyVolumeProfileIndicator class in Custom mode, including backtesting in Strategy Analyzer. The logic of the strategy is 'On bar close'. ATTENTION: Indicator settings in UI are used only for displaying markers on the chart. Strategy uses its own internal settings for filters and logic.
Public classMZpackCustomStrategy4
Demonstrates how to use StrategyMarketDepthIndicator and StrategyFootprintIndicator classes. Use it on ES 5 Min chart during RTH session.
Public classMZpackCustomStrategy6
Demonstrates how to use liquidity migration data of StrategyMarketDepthIndicator. Use it on 1 Tick chart.
Public classMZpackTechnicalSample0
Demonstrates how to use some of well known technical indicators. See API Documentation for the list of currently supported technical indicators.