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Node Methods

The Node type exposes the following members.

Public methodCode exampleAddChild
Adds node to the child nodes of the node.
Public methodAssignTree
Public methodCheckSyntax
Public methodClone
Public methodGetHeight
Protected methodGetLegendText
Public methodGetLogDescription
Public methodGetNodesT
Public methodGetRange
Public methodStatic memberInvert
Inverts the direction.
Public methodStatic memberIsDetermined
True if the direction is Long or Short.
Public methodStatic memberIsLongAllowed
True if direction is Long or Any.
Public methodStatic memberIsOppositeDirections
True if direction a is opposite to direction b, and a, b are both determined.
Public methodStatic memberIsShortAllowed
True if direction is Short or Any.
Public methodLogDescriptions
Logs the node.
Public methodOnCalculate(MarketDataEventArgs, Int32, SignalDirection)
Public methodOnCalculate(MarketDepthEventArgs, Int32, SignalDirection)
Public methodOnMarketEvent
Public methodOnPatternValidated
Protected methodReset
Public methodStatic memberResolveDirection
Returns resulting direction of two directions. Note: can returns SignalDirection.Any.
Public methodToLegendView
Public methodTryReset
Reset the signal depending on IsReset property. True if the signal is reset anyway.True if view of the signal should be reset.
Public methodStatic memberUpgradeDirection
Returns upgraded source direction: None => Long, Short, Any; Long => Long, Any; Short => Short, Any; Any => Any. Example 1: source = Long, upgrade = Short, returns Any. Example 2: source = Long, upgrade = None, returns Long.
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