Volume Profile NinjaTrader Indicator

Indicator name: mzVolumeProfile

  • Volume Profile for NinjaTrader 8 indicator features

    • Custom ranged, preconfigured periodic profiles (Session, Bar, Bars (each N bars), Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly) and Composite profiles
    • Unlimited number of profiles on chart
    • Full ladders and volume profile statistics: Total volume, bid/ask volume, POC/dPOC, VAH/VAL/dVAH/dVAL, Delta
    • VWAP with two standard deviations
    • Custom levels with alerts
    • Notifications/alerts (e.g. on volume, on delta etc.) – not implemented yet
    • NinjaScript/C# API, Strategy Builder (Pro version only)
    • Supported modes: Tick replay – on/off; Calculate: OnEachTick/OnBarClose
    Custom ranged Volume Profile


    Periodic session Volume Profile


    Periodic bar Volume Profile


    Composite Volume Profile

    NinjaScript/C# API (Pro version)

    Use MZpack 3 Pro API to build NinjaScript/C# Add-ons (indicators and strategies) for NinjaTrader 8.

    Add-on samples are available in MZpack installation folder. Locate ‘MZpack 3 Pro Addon Samples.zip’ file and import it in to Ninja. You need MZpack 3 Pro installed before importing.

    Download Add-on samples for your consideration and User Guide for detailed description of samples.

    You can find MZpack 3 Pro API interfaces files inside MZpack installation folder under ‘\API’ folder. MZpack API Developer Guide will be available soon.

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  • mzVolumeProfile for NinjaTrader 7 is not available.