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MZpackStrategyBaseCreateIndicators Method

Implement this method to create set of Indicators for your custom strategy and return them in the list as a result.
public override List{TickIndicator} CreateIndicators()
    // Initialize new Indicators list
    List{TickIndicator} Indicators = new List TickIndicator>(); 

    // Create CustomVolumeProfileIndicator instance with default settings
    customVP = new CustomVolumeProfileIndicator(this)
        // Override defaults if required
        ProfileCreation = ProfileCreation.Custom,
        ProfileMode = ProfileMode.BuySell

    // Add indicator instance to the list

    return Indicators;

Namespace:  MZpack.NT8
Assembly:  MZpack.NT8.Pro (in MZpack.NT8.Pro.dll) Version: (
public abstract List<TickIndicator> CreateIndicators()

Return Value

Type: ListTickIndicator
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