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MZpack API 2.2.8 beta

Entry class has extended. Properties added: CalculationMode, StopLossPrice, ProfitTargetPrice Methods added: GetStopLossValue(), GetProfitTargetValue() for calculated stop loss/take profit. See Extensions source code for details. Added BarStopLossEntry class. It allows setting stop-lossRead More…


MZpack API 2.2.7 beta

MZpack 3.16.7 core Added TrailBase class to construct custom trailing. API Help: Added trail BarHiLoTrail class. The base for trailing is bar High for Short entry, and bar Low for LongRead More…


MZpack 3.16.7

Common – Fix. Gap bars with zero volumes (range bars) might lead to error (NSE, etc.) – Fix. Some Levels parameters (Alert, Sound,..) are not as default. mzBigTrade – The maximum valueRead More…


MZpack API 2.2.6 beta

– Added Exit pattern – Visibility of pattern background and visibility of entry/exit markup are independent – Added signals: FootprintImbalanceSignal, FootprintSRZonesSignal


MZpack 3.16.6

Common – Fix. Non-Crypto volumes divider is ignored when volume filters are applied. mzVolumeDelta – Fix. Sound file is not played on alert. mzVolumeProfile – Fix. VAH area is not rendered inRead More…


MZpack 3.16.4

Common – ‘Orderflow – Non-Crypto volumes divider’ parameter is back. mzFootprint – Added Imbalance – Marker type: Dot or Cluster – Imbalance markers are visible for any footprint style, and even forRead More…