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MZpack 3.14.3 Pro beta

MZpack 3.14.3 Pro beta API – Improved performance and stability of mzVolumeProfile indicator. – API for mzVolumeProfile indicator has changed. Samples have been updated. – filtersRange parameter has been added for Pattern class constructor.Read More…


MZpack 3.14.2 beta

MZpack 3.14.2 beta mzVolumeProfile – Fix. Naked/Extended/DevelopingNaked levels of POC/VAH/VAL are not supported if volume profile is in Rigth position. – Fix. Data is accumulated for the last session of the chartRead More…


MZpack 3.14.1 beta

MZpack 3.14.1 beta mzVolumeProfile – Deep optimization – Independent view (VP, TPO, All, None) for each Stacked profile – ‘Delta saturation’ option has been added – Profile quick buttons have been modifiedRead More…