We’d like to start this update by stressing that we are deeply saddened by what’s occurring in the Russia/Ukraine conflict. Many of us have nothing to do with or actively oppose the Russian government’s decision to invade Ukraine. We hope for a peaceful resolution.

“Under the current circumstances, we are suspending PayPal services in Russia,” President and Chief Executive Dan Schulman said in a statement. So, we’ve forwarded all the payments to our payment partner MyCommerce located in Germany. They also support PayPal transactions.

Unfortunately, some of our loyalty features like per customer discounts don’t work as expected so far. Don’t hesitate to create a support ticket if you believe that there are price differences.

Note, that our server is located at the Dallas data center to keep all your licenses safely.
We are working on new features and improvements to our products.

New promo and sales will come shortly. Stay tuned!