– Orderflow – Volumes divider has deprecated.
– Volumes for Cryptocurrencies (eg. BTCUSD, ETHUSD, etc.) are adjusted automatically.
– Added ‘General – Crypto decimal places’ parameter (1..8).
– Added workspace ‘MZpack – Day Trading – BTCUSD’

MZpack mzMarketDepth Indicator vs NinjaTrader Order Flow Market Depth Map on BTCUSD futures

– Parameter ‘Filters – Display value’ has been renamed and moved to ‘Presentation – Display volume filter’. It’s applied to the current Footprint value except for TradesNumber
– Added developing POC/VAH/VAL for chart sessions/days. Rendering of the levels has been improved.

– Add ‘Common – Level min height, px’. Set the minimal height of level in pixels on the chart. It’s useful for instruments with tiny tick sizes, e.g. for BTCUSD.
– Added ‘Realtime DOM – Volumes filter’. Volumes less than this value are not shown in Real-time DOM.

– Render optimization
– ‘TPO levels – Attach to T +’ was changed to ‘TPO levels – Attach to T -‘
– ‘TPO levels – Naked by T +’ was changed to ‘TPO levels – Naked by T -‘

– Fix. Rendering issue (from 3.15.20).

Pro Bundle Installer
– Application renamed: MZpack 3 API for NinjaTrader 8
– Shortcut to API samples/signals folder has been added to the Windows start menu.

– Added functions into ITickIndicator interface:
double VolumeToCryptoCurrency(long volume);
long VolumeFromCryptoCurrency(double volume);
string VolumeToString(long volume);