Here is the PREVIEW of MZpack Pro API Update.  The release is scheduled for the beginning of December 2020. Stay tuned.

All these new improvements give you unlimited flexibility to build order flow strategy from precoded blocks. Only a minimum amount of coding required.

What’s new (only major features)

– API cleanup. Strategies code is shorter and very easy to understand now.
– New Pattern concept:
Added Signals and Filters decision trees with logical (AND/OR) and signals nodes.
Added built-in bar and price ranges control – localize your patterns easily.
– Added built-in signals: TradesClusterSignal, DOMImbalance, etc. More signals/filters will come.
– Added visualization for validated patterns.
– Added partially view mode for mzBigTrade, mzFootprint, mzMarketDepth indicators.
Now you can control from the strategy code which particular plots of an indicator should be visible. Eg. you can make visible only particular footprint bars or particular big trades from which a signal has been validated. This allows keeping the picture clean.
– Samples have been updated

Normal Visible Mode of Indicators

The same chart. New Partially Visible Mode of Indicators. Focus on meaningful plots only!