– ‘Profile accuracy’ = Tick: if Tick Replay is disabled, you will see a warning message and historical plots are not shown
– ‘Profile accuracy’ = Minute: if Tick Replay is not disabled you will see a warning message and data (historical and real-time) are not processed
– Fix from 3.15.14: in Minute accuracy TPO open/close are not 100% exact

Working Time

‘General – Working time’ option is used to define the working time interval of the indicator. Set ‘Start time’ as a beginning and ‘Stop time’ as the end of time interval when indicator will process market data. You can specify the time of day only but not the date.

In mzVolumeProfile set ‘Chart Profile mode’ = Continuous if Working time is enabled. In this mode, a new profile is created at the beginning of each time interval.

Bars closed before Start time will be excluded from processing. Bars opened after Stop time will be excluded from processing. If the time of the bar falls into the Working time interval (even partially), this whole bar will be processed.

Note, that time of the bar on the chart is its CLOSE time. Next images illustrate how Working time is applied to such bars markup when Profile accuracy = Minute.