– Added ‘TPO levels’ functionality

TPO levels consist of three groups of levels. Each group can be attached to all chart profiles or to a profile with a given T index. The last (current) profile of the chart has T index = 0, the previous profile has T index = 1, etc.
TPO levels include a set of significant profile levels: Open, Close, High, Low, IB High, IB Low, TPO POC, TPO VAL, TPO VAH. Each level can be Extended or Naked. The naked level can be terminated by any profile, next profile, or a profile with a given T index.

Some TPO levels can be used with volume profiles.

– Fix. Trades number is divided by value divider in the Statistic grid.
– Fix. Values fonts of Footprints are used for Bar Statistic text.

– Fix. In Iceberg opposite mode wrong colors are used for drawing, some items of the histogram may be invisible.