– Added saving levels in workspace and chart template. All your saved levels are on the chart when you open a workspace.
– Set an individual style for a level from the level properties window
– Add custom text to a level with ‘Label’ property
– Added AboveRight/AboveLeft for Value position.
– The new level properties window
– New level control spots: properties, delete
– A level placed inside VolumeProfile/TPO begins from begin of this profile

– Added auto-scaling for Legend text
– Fix. Stat grid values are not scaled if ‘Presentation – Auto-scale’ values disabled

– For Overall Liquidity Migration added ‘Liquidity Migration – Plots position’ which can be Top or Bottom
– Fix. Overall LM is rendered in the wrong position if there is a chart panel above indicator’s panel

– Fix. VWAP/StdDeviations are not visible for custom profiles if enabled from On-the-fly settings
– Fix. Minute accuracy is not disabled after switching to or loading for non-minute based bars
– Fix. Area profile presentation may throw an error for some futures.

– Fix. An error might occur in UI thread for finalized indicator