– ‘Filters – Display value’ can be 0 to display zero values.
– Added ‘Value: align’ option for all footprint styles except BidAsk. Align can be Inner or Center
– Fix. LVN is not visible inside ‘0x0’ gap on both side of the footprint.

– ‘Chart Profile mode – Bars’ has enabled
– Added ‘TPO – Presentation’: Letter or Block
– When there is no room to render TPO letters, blocks are rendered
– Fix. Gaps in letters in some cases.
– Fix. TPO profile might be not completed if ‘Ticks per level’ > 1
– Fix. Period open is not visible if ‘Ticks per level’ > 1
– Fix. Some latest letters can be missed in TPO

– UI has re-arranged, Add ‘Presentation’ group
– Added ‘Custom’ color mode
– Fix. ‘Filters – Trade min/max, Display color’ parameters are limited to 100 million. Extended to 2 billion.

– Fix. Licensing system may detect system date manipulation in a wrong way