MZpack - Footprint with Reconstruct tape enabled
What’s new

* Added ‘Trade min’ and ‘Trade max’ filters. Adjust these parameters if you used previously ‘Trade filter’ in your template.
* Added ‘Orderflow – Reconstruct tape’ parameter. See image. In Tape reconstruction mode ‘Ticks per level’ is always 1.
* ‘Trade min/max’ filters affect on COT calculation now.

Download MZpack 3 – Footprint w Reconstructed tape chart template in .zip
Download MZpack – Cluster Chart with Tape reconstruction chart template in .zip

Close Ninja and unzip zip-file to templates folder, the default is Documents\NinjaTrader 8\templates\Chart\

MZpack - Cluster Chart with Tape reconstruction

* Fix. Reversed Delta is shown in VolumeDelta mode.

* Added ‘Trade POC’ for setting the style of trade POC.
* Fix. ‘Show POC’ parameter is not visible if Trade marker is Bubble, Box or Bar.