MZpack 3.14.12 beta

– Notifications (alerts) added for:
a) Bar values: Trades number, Volume, Buy/Sell volume, Delta, Delta %, Abs delta average, Delta change, COT high/low
b) Cumulative delta
c) Cluster value for left and right footprints: trades number, volume, bid/ask volume, delta
– S/R zones: render optimization.
– Statistics grid: Lines of COT High and COT Low were swapped – COT High goes first now.
– Fix. S/R zones require Imbalance/Absorption is visible to be shown.

– Min/max filters added for all filters (excluding Iceberg filter).
– Limit for maximal trades on the screen is set to 3000. You will see a warning message when this limit has reached after adjusting of the filters.
– Added Buy/sell shape borders.
– Fix. Shape border is always rendered with Iceberg color if Iceberg volume filter = 0.

– Fix. With Stacked profile on the chart ‘Delta saturation’ option leads to indicator error.

– Fix. The installer places installation files in the administrator folders if it was run by a user without administrator rights.