MZpack Bookmap Style w DOM Pressure and Migration Delta

Overall Liquidity Migration mini-chart is the unique feature of MZpack for NinjaReader 8 (mzMarketDepth indicator). In this particular case, we used OfferBid delta for calculations of migration represented by bars on the additional mini-chart.

The second unique feature we used here is the DOM pressure (mzBigTrade indicator). It also uses Level 2 data for analysis and shows pressure by limit orders in the DOM against the direction of the trade.


  1. The Resistance level on Overall Liquidity Migration mini-chart
  2. 99-Lot of DOM pressure at bid side (green triangle) against 211-Lot sell order.

Both signals are signals of resistance. Therefore, we can use those to determine a reversal pattern.

Download NinjaTrader 8 chart template zip-file (Close Ninja and unzip zip-file to templates folder, the default is Documents\NinjaTrader 8\templates\Chart\)

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