MZpack 3.14.8 beta

– ‘Optimize render performance’ feature improved.
– Reliable errors handling so as not to overload the log files and the platform.

– Iceberg border for a shape became a stroke with additional settings.
– Shapes’ border added.
– ‘General – Optimize render performance’ option added.
– Render optimization and performance fix.

– ‘Volume Profile – Ladders saturation’ option added.
Saturation requires a significant amount of graphical resources for large ranged profiles. The default value is off.

– Fix. ‘Custom’ color mode doesn’t work for Bid or Ask footprint.

– ‘General – Optimize render performance’ option added.
– Fix. New session profile doesn’t start if starting bar(s) missed on the chart.

– ‘Optimize render performance’ option added.
– Visual enhancements for Historical DOM – blocks look more consistent now.

Download NinjaTrader 8 chart template zip-file (Close Ninja and unzip zip-file to templates folder, the default is Documents\NinjaTrader 8\templates\Chart\)