MZpack 3.14.6 beta

– ‘General – Optimize render performance’ option has been added. This allows you to optimize rendering performance so as not to exceed the Maximum rendering time parameter. This avoids potential delays in the chart.
In this mode, some of the profiles may be not visible on the chart in short moments of high CPU usage. Current profile and stacked profiles are always visible.
If you are facing with chart delay issue try to set ‘Maximal render time, ms’ = 50..20
– Ladders and values (including Delta overlay) of a volume profile can be rendered outside the profile if ‘Width, %’ or ‘Delta, %’ is less than zero.
The valid range for widths is -100..100 %
– ‘Right margin, px’ option was added. It reserves space for ladders outside of right-most profile if Profile position = Right
– Fix. Width of volume profile ladders in ‘Relative width’ mode might be not correct if profiles contain different bar number.
Note, when ‘Relative width’ is on, for some profiles with some combinations of ladders volumes and profiles widths, width of ladders might exceed the width of the profile. This is the expected behavior.
– Fix. Custom TPO doesn’t start from A letter.
– Fix. Labels font is used to print TPO letters.