MZpack 3.13.3 for NinjaTrader 8

– ‘Custom profile unique settings’ option was added. If checked, each custom profile will have unique settings accessible via buttons.
Settings from On-the-fly settings window will not be applied if ‘Custom profile unique settings’ is On.
– ‘Scale’ option has been renamed to ‘Relative width’. It scales the width of profiles according to chosen type of values among all chart profiles
– ‘Opacity, %’ option has been renamed to ‘Ladders/Area/Contour opacity, %’
– ‘Delta opacity, %’ was added
– In Contour presentation line of the contour is drawn over all other graphics to be more visible
– Fix: POC ladder is visible in Area and Contour presentations
– Fix: Developing/extended levels are not visible if profile area is not on the chart

– Fix of Hardware Id calculation for some VPS machines