02/12/2019. E-mini SP500 – Trade by The Trend

Download workspace: MZpack – Trade by The Trend – ES

The position has two parts.

The big picture (see 30-Minute chart)

  • Up-trend on 30 Minute chart. The price is above daily VWAP at VAH

Orderflow events

  • Significant Buy initiative 150-Lot (aggressive) from inside day open range
  • A range of consecutive aggressive BUY orders

Microstructural events (see 10 Tick chart)

  • 172-Lot Buy after 172-Lot Sell trade. Buyers are taking control
  • Steady support on BID side

The entry was made from 1st standard deviation of the day.

Stop loss order is under day VWAP. Take profits are near 7-days high with RR = 2.5

Reasons to close the long

  • The exhaust of volume and trades number with first significant negative COT-high (close 1/2)
  • Huge negative COT-high (1/2)