02/07/2019. Breakeven E-mini SP500 Trade

Download NinjaTrader 8 workspace: MZpack – Day Trading – ES – v1.4

8 Range chart, mzFootprint indicator

  • The price tested support zone. There is a huge positive COT Low 1912.
  • Delta change for the bar is +3834 (relative to -2276 in the prior bar)

10 Tick chart, mzMarketDepth, mzBigTrade indicators

  • Multiple support in the DOM (green triangles) and iceberg orders on BID side (fuchsia contours)
  • Buy initiative over 400 Lot
  • Entry on the pullback. Liquidity is migrating on BID side – Offer/Bid delta declines

1 Min, 30 Min charts, mzVolumeProfile, mzVolumeDeltamzBigTrade indicators

  • Predatory sell trade with huge support in DOM after it (green triangle) is a supporting activity. See mzBigTrade indicator
  • Session VAL as a support level

Stop loss order is under 2nd std deviation of VP of the session. Nearest target is on M30 session VWAP. RR = 2.5

  • Multiple predatory sell trades (red boxes) with average DOM support on BID side.

Tracing the stop loss order. We will it to a breakeven later.

The trade has been closed after breakeven order triggered.