GOLD (GC) Scalping using MZpack and ATR Indicators

We are using M5 and 20 Tick GC 02-19 charts with mzBigTrade, mzVolumeProfile,
mzVolumeDelta and ATR indicators.

  • Using the M5 chart we see the ATR New High at the SHORT Big Trade, after which the
    price was stopped near the VAL.
  • The 20 Tick chart confirmes the price stop – we see the LONG Delta Growth and the
    Price Stop Area during the negative DELTA is greater than the positive DELTA.
  • The LONG position was opened near the VAL and VWAP.

  • The LONG position was closed near VAH after several LONG Big Trades and ATR
    New High appearance.

Download workspace: GC 02-19.