Gold (GC) Trade With MZpack Indicators

We are using M5, R10 and 20 Tick GC 02-19 charts with mzBigTrade, mzFootprint, mzVolumeProfile and
mzVolumeDelta indicators.

  • Using the R10 chart we see the significant changes of DELTA and DELTA% (from -10,35%
    and -13,34% to +22,87%).
  • In the highlighted rectangles we see that Sell Volume > Buy Volume, but the price is not
    going to step down.

  • Looking at 20 Tick chart we can get the confirmation of it.
  • It’s reasonable to Open LONG position.

  • The LONG position was closed near the POC level, taking into consideration the ending
    line of the previous LONG Big Trades.