ES. M1 Pullback Pattern

We are using M1 ES 03-19 chart with mzVolumeProfile and mzVolumeDelta indicators.

Profile Type: Delta

Here we can see an example of “Long” Delta Support Area at 2566-2568:

  1. First, we see an initial point of the “Long” Delta Support Area at 2566.
  2. Then there are several confirmations of “Long” Delta Support Area at 2568 (Delta 1 = 4,1K; Delta 2 = 4,2K)
  3. The mzVolumeDelta indicator twice shows Negative Delta Cluster near the 2566-2568 Area.
  4. After the third confirmation at 2566 “Long” Delta Support Area can be applied (Delta = 2,3K)
  5. We can use this Delta Support Area and the Negative Delta Cluster as a LONG Signal.