MZpack 3.12.0 beta for NinjaTrader 8

– Huge rendering and performance optimization
– User Guide (EN) has been updated

– ‘Color source’ option has been added. The histogram is scaled by the value which is set in Footprint style. With Color source, you can set how a footprint cluster or histogram will be colored. Thank this option you can see e.g. volume histogram colored by delta, etc.
– Control right margin is off by default now.
– Bugfix: Statistics grid values overlap each other when some combinations of rows chosen.

– ‘Depth of market’ now means number of DOM levels which will be displayed. This is useful e.g. for crypto markets with many empty levels in DOM.
– ‘History depth, bars’ added. The histogram number of chart bars for which historical DOM will be shown. History depth range is 10..5000. Use smaller values if you have performance issues on your machine.
– ‘Code extremal’ option has been added to Historical DOM section.
– Bugfix: saturation becomes to low after some period of time.

– Bugfix: For developing profile ‘Delta, % of Profile width’ on the chart is not as set in UI