MZpack 3.9.7 for NinjaTrader 8

– Added ‘Profile accuracy’ option: Tick, Minute.
– Improved load time. It takes only around 3 seconds to load one week ES historical data on 60 Min chart with Minute accuracy and 8 seconds with Tick accuracy.
– Stacked profiles have 100% fixed width now.
– Added Begin/End date and time to profile statistics.
– Minor improvements in profile statistics appearance.
– Fixed: some periodical stacked profiles don’t break on the beginning of a new period

– Added Imbalance indication for Bid and Ask styles.
– Added ‘Control right margin’ and ‘Chart right margin, px’ options.

– Added warning for Calculation ‘UpDownTick’ if Tick replay is off.

Profile update and calculation accuracy affect on how long it takes to calculate profiles on loaded data. For big periods of data use Minute accuracy. In this mode, you don’t need expensive historical tick data. For 1-20 loaded days of data (e.g. for day trading) use Tick accuracy.
Set Profile accuracy to ‘Tick’ to get the highest resolution of the profile.
Set Profile accuracy to ‘Minute’ to reduce chart load time.
IMPORTANT! Bars period type for the chart must be ‘Minute’. For daily chart choose 1440 Min bar type.