Stacked Volume Profiles and more in MZpack 3.8.2

What’s new

– Stacked Volume Profiles has been added. It’s up to three independent Volume Profiles at right margin of the chart. Cumulation and shifting functions are available. E.g.
Sessions[2] cumulates VP for two last sessions.
Session[1] shows VP for one session ago.
Session[0] shows VP for current session.

– ‘Reconstruct tape’ option has been added. To spot single trades turn it on. Turn it off to see aggregated trades.

– New Footprint style ‘TradesNumber’. Shows number of trades in a cluster.
– New filter ‘Trade volume’ – minimal single trade volume cumulated by Footprint
– ‘Value filter’ renamed to ‘Display value’

See details in User Guide. The shortcut to the updated User Guide will be on your Windows Desktop after installation of the release.