MZpack 3.6.1 beta for NinjaTrader 8

New features

  • mzVolumeProfile: Developing POC/VAH/VAL mode
  • mzFootprint: Delta as background for Bid x Ask Footprint style
  • mzFootprint: Bar marker for doji candles.
  • mzFootprint: Color mode option – Solid, Saturation, Heatmap or GrayScaleHeatmap
  • mzFootprint: more compact clusters to get more history visible on chart (use MZpack 3 – ClusterChart VolumeProfile template for demo)
  • mzVolumeProfile, mzFootprint: “Enable” option added in Alerts levels (off by default) to avoid interference with other MZpack or 3rd party indicators
  • mzBigTrade: “Volume position” option added – Inside, Outside left, Outside right. “Show trade POC” option added
  • New chart template “MZpack 3 – ClusterChart VolumeProfile (ES 5-30 Minute)”
  • Memory leaks in mzFootprint fixed.