MZpack 3 beta for NinjaTrader 8 released

Now MZpack 3 beta contains two indicators: mzMarketDept and mzBigTrade. New mzBigTrade replaces three indicators from MZpack 2 – mzBigtrade, mzAggressiveTrade and mzSmartMarket.

Iceberg search algo options has been added: Hard, Soft, Fuzzy.
Hard algo operates by orders execution information. Soft algo extends Hard algo via analyzing of order book after execution. Fuzzy algo includes both algos and embraces additional microstructure data related with execution event. Aggression parameter filters trades with slippage. Smart option filters smart or ‘predatory’ trades.

New own user interface in NT8 style has been added. Apply all settings by changing or selecting values, no Apply button any more.